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Trefoil Therapies is a practice dedicated to the provision of transformational, therapeutic and healing modalities based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Heather Yates PhD, NLP(M/T), Reiki(M/T), LMT, RN and
Andy Yates PhD, NLP(M/T), Reiki(M/T), LMT

Dr Heather and Dr Andy are experienced and highly qualified therapists who provide gentle, appropriate and holistic healing in many areas, including the following:

Biointegration, in which Dr Heather or Dr Andy combines any or all of the therapies listed below to provide client centric therapy.

Core transformational therapy.

♥          Stop Smoking
♥          Loose weight
♥          Stress management
♥          Improve performance, study, relationships
♥          Life issues and other problems

Past life therapy and experience

Life and attitude coaching, removal of issues, future focus, metaphysical

Trance dance

Reiki energy healing and teaching

Specific energy healing

Massage therapy
♥          Swedish
♥          Deep tissue
♥          Relaxation
♥          Pregnancy
♥          Elderly
♥          Salt Glow, slim and detoxify
♥          Corporate Chair

Cranial–Sacral therapy to realign the spine and bones of the body

Birthing support

Aromatherapy, chakra balancing, reflexology

Feng Shui, balance and clear your home

Trefoil Therapies Presentations

Dr Heather and Dr Andy also provide high quality presentations / seminars for any size of group ranging from a Corporate to therapeutic focus.  These presentations may be informative, experiential or both.  Some examples are: 
♥          Win-win Communications I, II - Linguistic techniques to improve communications
♥          Past life Journeying
♥          Stress Management
♥          Trance Dance
♥          Pineal Gland activation
♥          Qigong
♥          Reiki theory and attunement

Cancer Support

The American Cancer Society suggests that complementary therapies such as Reflexology, Meditation, Hyponotherapy, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Cranio-sacral therapy may be beneficial for cancer patients – when used in harmony with typical cancer treatment methods, such as chemotherapy. These balancing modalities can not only relax a cancer patient who is feeling stressed or  overwhelmed, but can lessen pain, nausea and other side effects of treatment. 


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Trefoil Therapies NEWSLETTER

Stress IS a Killer

by Heather Yates on 11/21/12


Yes, according to many health experts, stress is the Number One killer on this planet, and most, if not all, health issues are related to stress.  Even accidents often occur as the result of stress.  Most people will tell you that they are stressed out and it is natural.  When you ask them what they are stressed about, they will often say, "Life."  You may now be nodding your head and saying, "Yes, that's me!"


Well, of course, there is:

My stressful job

The job I hate

Those people I work with

I never have enough time

My relationship problems

My health problems

My financial problems

I eat too much

I do not get enough sleep

I need a vacation

I should exercise more, etc.


None of these are the stress creators, because STRESS DOES NOT COME FROM OUTSIDE OF US!  Yes, you heard it correct.


We were designed to go into survival mode, when under attack and our lives threatened.  Stress is created by a belief that we are under attack from the world around us or our personal circumstances, and our body goes into survival mode.  It goes into the sympathetic "fight/flight" syndrome, which basically shuts down much of the body's normal and natural functions, including the immune system.  It does not matter if your body is not functioning for optimum health, because you may be dead soon.  In the defensive flight or fight mode, your body actually produces life denying chemicals, which is the opposite of when it is relaxed, for then it produces life-affirming chemicals.  When the body is stressed, breathing becomes shallow, less oxygen is taken into the body, and fewer toxins are removed in the out-breath of respiration. The cells are unable to take in proper amounts of oxygen, water or nutrients, and do not release wastes and toxins.  When your body is stressed for some period of time, it is most likely to eventually lead to dis-ease and illness, a breakdown of some kind, and an inability to heal oneself, which if left unattended, may eventually lead to death.  When in survival mode, the brain works out of the primitive, survival only part of the brain, instead of the large cerebral hemispheres, and it reacts rather than thinks with consideration. The reason that a warrior trains and trains, is that he knows this and trains to be able to react instinctively to the best advantage to overcome an opponent.  Have you ever done something stupid, when reacting in a stressful situation?  How many times have we said, "I shouldn't have said or done that?"

Addictions are also formed, such as over-eating, when the body is repeatedly stressed, because the body is crying out for nutrients, hydration and balance, anything to allow it to return to some normality, so that it can begin to heal itself.


Beliefs may have originated from early on in life, even before birth, because the fetus has ears.  Children up to the age of 4 to 7 years are in a learning mode most of the time, so everything that occurs is immediately recorded and accepted as true, whether it is or not.  Children up to the age of 14 years are also in this mode 70% of the time.  Even adults are in this mode several times during the day, when day dreaming, watching the television or driving a car, for example.  Also traumatic experiences lock memories into the body.  The information goes in and is recorded as fact in the subconscious mind and beliefs are formed, which in turn affect our perceptions.  It is now known that not all memories are stored in the brain, but are stored throughout the body as holographic recordings, which is why a transplant patient will have memories from the organ donor.  As said earlier, these beliefs may be correct and serve the person well, but often they are not correct and negatively affect a person's life.  These negative memories give birth to fears within the body, which gives off negative, self-destructing energy, and unwanted emotions such anger, low self-esteem, guilt, sadness, depression and so on.  Fatigue also occurs as the body tires in trying to rebalance itself, and from the lack of oxygen, essential nutrition and dehydration


Our bodies have their own healing mechanisms within and the knowledge of how to restore equilibrium and health, but it has to be allowed to do this.  This means that the wrong beliefs and perceptions need correcting, so that stress is removed and the body can go into a healing and relaxation mode.  There are three major ways of doing this:


Holographic Repatterning and energy techniques, such as The Emotion Freedom Technique, Reiki etc.

Living consciously and dealing with unwanted emotions and reframing them, as they arise.

At Trefoil Therapies, Drs Andy and Heather Yates, have developed a form of advanced therapy called Biointegration, which combines a multitude of  techniques, affecting the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual parts of the person, enabling the wanted changes to occur.  Each session is individually tailored to suit the person and his/her needs, and the system is unique.  Dr. Andy Yates also describes techniques to accomplish a change in beliefs in his latest book, "C'ing is Believing," which may be reviewed and purchased by visiting:

It is also now available on Kindle and from

When the corrections have been made to your belief system, the immune system is now able to work effectively and health is restored and maintained.  Even chronic and life-threatening illnesses can be reversed, by your self, because we all have this amazing healer within.

In conclusion, subconscious mind programming and memories create wrong beliefs, which lead to inaccurate perceptions.  These perceptions in turn create stress, which leads to illness and even death.  Change your beliefs and perceptions, stress goes away and healing occurs, plus unwanted habits are eradicated.  We become free to be the person that it was always intended we should be and we become free to live the life that we want to live.


by Heather Yates on 11/21/12

A Client, who came for a bio-integration session recently, said that she had been

Anxious all of her life and had been on medication for this condition most of her life. 

When I asked whether her mother had been anxious, she affirmed this and said that it was inherited.  I suggested that it was learnt not genetic, and what is learnt can be un-learnt. 

Bruce Lipton, a genome scientist, says that our genes are affected by our environment, which is affected by our thoughts, and beliefs; change your thoughts and beliefs, and the environment changes, which then affects our being down to the DNA level. 

This woman’s life changed and she is now able to live a life free of excessive anxiety, enjoying the moment and life.  Anxiety is believed by some to be a future-oriented mood state, and is therefore less likely to occur when living in the present moment. 

Children from birth to around the ages of 4, 5, 6 and/or 7 (depending on the child) are in subconscious learning trance.  They need to be, because there is so much that they have to learn and any conscious barrier would slow down the process too much.  Scientists have tried to teach the most advanced artificial intelligence machines (computers) at the rate of a 2 year old child, and the computers fail.  When in this learning trance stage, everything is learnt and believed, whether the information is correct or not.  

We learn first from our parents or caregivers and this lays the foundation of our core beliefs and way of being, as in the case of this woman learning to be anxious.  Take note here, that if you have young children or care for them in anyway, please, be careful of what they are open to, especially television or computer games, because what they are seeing is affecting their believe system and their behavior for the rest of their lives, until recognized and changed.  Negative effects may even occur before birth, because the fetus has hearing. 

Another client came, because of problems keeping the money, which he made with ease, and we found that it related to a violent conversation heard before birth regarding money.  When the mother was questioned, it was not reality, but a movie that she had been watching.

Returning to the first client, when at first checking the woman’s subtle energy, many of the major chakras were closed down or blocked.  The chakra system feeds our body with energy and when any of our chakras are closed or blocked, we lack energy and the major organs of the body suffer, which may manifest as any number of physical symptoms, such as headaches, feeling “sick to the stomach,” lower back pain and eventually even more serious conditions, like cancer.  Anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs have the affect of closing the chakras, putting a barrier between us and life, so that life is not fully experienced.   However, through the process of bio-integration the chakras can be re-opened and energized, bringing a flood of energy into the body and new awarenesses. 

I was asked to see the son of another client sometime ago and when seeing him for the first time, I thought that he was mentally challenged, because it took him so long to think, speak, and write.  Having checked his chakras, I found that they were all closed.  This young man was a drug user and so this was not surprising, but when all of his chakras were reopened, he was able to function normally in all ways and was not mentally retarded at all. 

When working as a therapist in a corporate setting, one of the staff came to me one day and asked me to check her chakras, which I did and found her third chakra closed.  When I asked what had occurred just prior to this, she explained that she had an argument with her boss, because she wanted a day off and her boss would not give the day to her.  The third chakra is the power and will center, and as this lady had not got her way, the chakra had been closed, a form of protection.  Having worked with me for some time, this lady was able to sense this and immediately seek to correct it, but this is how quickly the chakras can be closed, but also how quickly the situation can be rectified and healing occur or commenced.  

We are nothing but energy, and like your car, even if you put the best octane of fuel in, unless regular checkups  take place, the car will eventually be unable to function properly.  Also like the car, we are able to do our own regular checkups, once we know how, although we may need some assistance from time to time.

Heather Yates PhD is a Bio-integration Developer and Holistic Health Practitioner, owner of Trefoil Therapies at Integrative Healthcare.  To contact: 480-577-4983 or go to

Is Reality TV Real???

by Heather Yates on 11/21/12

Is Reality TV real? 

Some of the events maybe, as in the Cops programs, but even then the policeman knows that he is being filmed and acts accordingly, so maybe it is not quite as real as it appears.  Some films are being filmed real time, but are set up, as in Survivors, and again the people know that they are being filmed.  Other programs of well-known interviewers, where people come with their complaints and usually get into a fight, maybe based originally on a real event or real feelings, but the outcome is staged, because the person knows that they are on television and this maybe their only 15 seconds of fame.  Also, the front man/woman of the program, whoever it maybe, often uses speech techniques, which incite the people to act badly or aggressively, both participators and the audience.  The presenter may speak in a condescending way, with sarcasm, and maybe verbally/attitudinally abusive.  Obviously this is for Viewer Ratings, but what are we doing to our fellow man?  It is believed by many that it is okay to verbally abuse the abuser, as in

“Tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye.”

However, this produces a Catch-22 scenario, because more of the negative is being created or, as I was always taught,

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Another aspect of this is also judgment,

“Do not Judge lest ye be judged,”

 Someone very well known once said.  I have discovered from my many years of practice that we should not judge a situation, because for one we are not able to see the bigger picture and for two we are seeing it from our perspective and belief system, and everyone is or was doing the best that they can in any given moment.  When we act badly by judging, berating or , in any way, punishing another, then that person is likely to respond in a similar negative manner, because that is the energy, which is being created in that situation. 

We can be right or effective.

If we sit in judgment of a person's unskillful behavior - no matter how hurtful and harmful – we will not be able to teach that person anything new. The behavior can and must be addressed, but from a supportive and factual context, rather than a condescending one, acknowledging every positive possibility as we proceed forward out of the past into the future, which we intend to create.  It is also more powerful, when a person is able to make a realization on their own of how to improve their way of being and their world.  When one person energetically improves their own world, it resounds throughout the Universe and …

The fabric of the Universe then begins to shift and change.

What many people do not know, is that while watching television, we are usually in an altered state of conscious, a type of hypnotic trance.  Advertisers know this and cash in, by filling our TV watching time with adverts.  We are in this trance many other times during the day, such as when driving a car. 

How many times have you driven somewhere and then suddenly realized that you either did not know where you are or how you got there?

Scary isn’t it?  However, if something had happened, you would have most likely reacted instinctively and then your conscious mind would have stepped in and said, “What is going on?” and come back into play.  We are actually in it many times during the day, such as when day dreaming, doing some task which does not need thinking about, when creating, when reading a book, etc. and it is a natural state to be in.  The brain needs these rest times to sort through accumulated data and categorize it.  However, at these times as it is a hypnotic trance, we are also very suggestible, which means that which we are seeing and hearing, affects us more deeply on a subconscious level.  For children, who may not have the awareness to differentiate between fiction and non-fiction, they may believe what they are watching is real and it will be the basis for their belief system for the rest of their life.  This is a horror, and explains why there is so much more violence being exhibited by children these days.  Video games comes into the same category, as the watching of television, and I remember, during a long car drive, my granddaughter sitting during much of the trip and playing a video game, which incorporated killing people.   She was only 7 years old at the time.  When I realized, I soon distracted her by playing family games, such I-Spy, but these video games are a norm for most kids.

If we consider that

Everything is energy

And our energy maybe affected by external energy, as in the case of when you walk into a room, where previously an argument took place, you can immediately feel the negative energy in the room and it may pull your energy down or put you in a defensive mood.  In a similar way, we affect the world around us by our energy, and we create that energy by the way or what we think, which is based on our belief system.  If you think of how “negative” energy feels, it appears to pull you down into what we might call a lower vibrational field.  Whereas “positive” energy pulls us up into a higher vibrational field, which makes us feel good, maybe even lighter and floating.  Think of being madly in love; you feel wonderful and never get sick; everything in the world is wonderful and the sky appears blue, even if it is gray.  Let me then ask you, which way would you prefer to be, vibrating in low energy or high energy.  It amazes me that so many people watch these so-called Reality TV programs. 

Be a conscious Universe humanitarian

and be aware of how you are feeling in situations, and do what you can to change the situation into a lighter, more joyful and loving situation, or get out poste haste!  Suspend judgment, attempt to open your eyes to the possibility of gaining knowledge from any and all situations, and release believe in any personal entitlement, but look instead how you can assist your fellow man, who is part of your Universe, to evolve into a being of love and light, by sharing that energy.