Trefoil Therapies is a practice dedicated to the provision of transformational, therapeutic and healing modalities based in Higham Ferrers, Rushden, UK.

Heather Yates PhD, NLP(M/T), Reiki(M/T), LMT, RN (retired), QiGong Teacher, Trance Dane Facilitator, EFT Teacher and
Andy Yates PhD, NLP(M/T), Reiki(M/T), LMT

Dr Heather and Dr Andy are experienced and highly qualified therapists who provide gentle, appropriate and holistic healing in many areas, including the following:

Biointegration, in which Dr Heather or Dr Andy combines any or all of the therapies listed below to provide client centric therapy.

Core transformational therapy.


♥          Stop Smoking
♥          Loose weight
♥          Stress management
♥          Improve performance, study, relationships
♥          Life issues and other problems

Past life therapy and experience

Life and attitude coaching, removal of issues, future focus, metaphysical

Trance dance

Reiki energy healing and teaching

Specific energy healing

Massage therapy

♥          Swedish
♥          Deep tissue
♥          Relaxation
♥          Pregnancy
♥          Elderly
♥          Salt Glow, slim and detoxify
♥          Corporate Chair

Cranial–Sacral therapy to realign the spine and bones of the body

Birthing support

Aromatherapy, chakra balancing, reflexology

Feng Shui, balance and clear your home

Trefoil Therapies Presentations

Dr Heather and Dr Andy also provide high quality presentations / seminars for any size of group ranging from a Corporate to therapeutic focus.  These presentations may be informative, experiential or both.  Some examples are:
♥          Win-win Communications I, II - Linguistic techniques to improve communications
♥          Past life Journeying
♥          Stress Management
♥          Trance Dance
♥          Pineal Gland activation
♥          Qigong
♥          Reiki theory and attunement

Cancer Support

The American Cancer Society suggests that complementary therapies such as Reflexology, Meditation, Hyponotherapy, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki and Cranio-sacral therapy may be beneficial for cancer patients – when used in harmony with typical cancer treatment methods, such as chemotherapy. These balancing modalities can not only relax a cancer patient who is feeling stressed or  overwhelmed, but can lessen pain, nausea and other side effects of treatment. 


Dr Andy on the Dresser After Dark internet radio show

Dr Heather on the Nick Charles AM radio show