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Dr Andy Yates was raised as a Roman Catholic in Stratford on Avon, England.  He joined the Royal Air Force in 1975 for 21 years, as an engineer, teacher, and IT expert.  During that time, events conspired to make him begin to question his beliefs.

In 1982, the birth of his first daughter, Cassandra, started an internal process of review, and self-evaluation.  Cassandra was born with immature heart and lungs, and survived only 3 days.

Dr Yates and his first wife began to grow apart, and in 1991, they both re-married.  This was a very happy time for him, as his life was further blessed by the birth of his second daughter, Maxine.  She was a beautiful and happy child, but at the age of one, it was discovered she had a brain tumor.  After surgeries, chemo, radiation, and spiritual therapies, Maxine died at 2 years and 7 months.  At this time in 1994, Dr Andy and his partner, Dr Heather, began a life quest for understanding.   

In 1996, Dr Yates left the RAF and moved to the USA.  He began a 14 year career in corporate IT, from a technician to a Senior Manager.  During this time, his quest for knowledge gradually focused on the healing arts.  He completed his hypnotherapy certification in 1999, and continued to follow that passion to a doctoral degree in 2005.  He also studied Reiki, becoming a master and trainer.

Again, events conspired to focus his energies.  In 2004, his stepdaughter Tanya was murdered, a tragedy made more traumatic by incompetent police work and cover-up.  Dr Yates found great joy in playing didgeridoo, flute and hand drums in Trefoil, a group consisting of his partner the dancer, and his best friend Caroline, a wonderful person and musician.  In a freak accident, Caroline died in 2005.

With music on the back burner, Dr Yates once more focused on the healing arts and completed LMT training in 2006 to allow him and his partner to develop the fully holistic healing art, BioIntegration.  He continued to expand his skill set with Cranio Sacral Unwinding and Neurolinguistic Programming.  Dr Yates has recently been to Peru to study sacred medicines and ceremonies, China to study Qi Gong, and Guatemala to study Mayan Shamanism.

In 2010, Dr Yates left the corporate world, and concentrated on acting, presenting, the healing arts, and writing.  His first book C’ing Is Believing, based on his doctoral dissertation, is the foundation of his work to understand how beliefs are formed and changed, and how they affect us all in the progress of our lives.

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Dr Andy Yates explores how beliefs that affect our lives are formed, can be inappropriate and unwanted, and can be identified and changed by internal and external intervention.  He presents the mnemonic “C’ing Is Believing,” as a process towards this change that is very accessible to both self-healers and therapists.


Capture your beliefs and limiting beliefs
Construct a model of your old beliefs
Consider the value of your old beliefs
Construct a model of your new desired beliefs
Change your beliefs

Chapter One - Conscious and Belief.

In this chapter, the high-level mind science of beliefs is examined.  How they are formed, how mental suggestion affects beliefs, and how the natural process of self-hypnosis changes beliefs.  The concepts of contra-belief or non-belief are discussed.

Chapter Two - Catholicism and other Religious belief.

Dr Yates uses his childhood experiences as a Roman Catholic as a platform to demonstrate how early religious beliefs are developed by suggestion and hypnosis.  This development is paralleled with other religions and concepts such as Satanism, Karma, Belief in the Earth, and ancient Egyptian culture.    

This chapter introduces Dr Yates’ “One Size Fits All” concept, which is a framework by which issues and phenomena are approached from three perspectives, the scientific, the open minded, and the spiritual.

Chapter Three - Contra-religious belief.

Here, contra-religious beliefs, or beliefs that do not involve religion are discussed which introduces the concept of limiting beliefs.  The attitude or state of “Being Open to Anything” is presented as a way of providing growth and continuing enlightenment. 

Chapter Four - Covert placebo effect.

The phenomenon of the placebo effect is discussed from a psychosomatic and practical basis.  The placebo effect may be attributed to both religious and non-religious phenomena.

Chapter Five - Constructing the ‘Edge’ 1.

The term the “Edge” relates to the edge of our beliefs that may both define and limit us.  This chapter examines the subject of Possession from a “One Size Fits All” therapeutic perspective. 

Chapter Six - Constructing the ‘Edge’ 2.

“One Size Fits All” discussion related to beliefs on the “Edge” subjects of Alien Abduction, Reiki, and BioIntegration. 

Chapter Seven - Constructing the ‘Edge’ 3.

Further “One Size Fits All” discussion related to beliefs on the “Edge” subjects of Regression and Past Lives.

Chapter Eight - Changing Beliefs.

Discussion on the practice and potential of suggestion, self-hypnosis, and anchoring.  Several exercises and practices for balancing chakras and using self-hypnosis to change beliefs.

Chapter 8 Addendum - FREE General Purpose Self Hypnosis available, see above.

Chapter Nine - A Final Word on Belief

Final discussion about beliefs and how they can be identified and changed.  Summary and end note.


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