Windmore Manor Murder/Mystery Dinner Theatre 

"Very funny, most entertaining!"
"Kudos for everyone!"
"A fabulous evening, and a great benefit for worthy causes...."

Photos below

The play was held on Friday, 22nd - Saturday, 23rd - Friday, 29th and Saturday, 30th October at 
Marie Callender's Restaurant, 4573 E. Cactus Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032.  It was attended by 208 paying guests / diners, and has raised over $8,000 for charity.

The Windmore Manor Murder Mystery Theater offers profound thanks to all who contributed, particularly those who provided the multitude of prizes, including....

The winners of the star prizes are:
Mary Sartori - Two nights at the Orange Golf Resort
Don Goff - Prize basket
Victor Dugie - Prize basket

Many thanks to the wonderful cast, crew, talent and supporters of the play.  All the hard work was easily balanced by all the fun we had....

Marion WhitePatti Grande
Butler / DS SherlockAndy Yates    (Assistant director / producer, DB)
Lord Iver WindmoreClyde Parker  (Production consultant, sound tech, DB)
Lucy Windmore  Nancy Mercurio
Paula Macaroni Nikki Dugie
Morris Windmore     Michael Strong
Heidi        Linney Allen
Grandma Fanny Jo Miller
Lance Corporal        Ian Wagge      (Seating, DB)
NursePenny Wagge (Seating, DB)
Marcello Macaroni        Scott Sloan    (Sound tech)
The Blind Magician Ryan Fox
Singer / guitaristDave McIntosh
Hair and makeup     Brian Flesher aka Learner
Makeup and support     Michelle Fox
Production support       Tom Aurelio
DIRECTOR                       Heather Yates
Information and history: 

WMMM was first performed in 2002 for the American Stroke Association and was a sell-out.  The latest production was performed for 3 more registered charities - 

The Daughter's of the British Empire, 
Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research (SSBTR), and 
Breast Cancer 3 Days for the Cure (Susan G Komen3).  

It was Produced and Directed by Drs Andy and Heather Yates, who used to run a theatre in England, and whose own daughter Maxine died from a brain tumor.  The whole evening was full of entertainment, because along side the play, there was a singer/guitarist and a magician.  The latter, is a wonderful young man, who is a brain tumor survivor himself and is now legally blind and partially deaf as a result, but is the most amazing magician. Several of the Members of the Daughter's of the British Empire have also survived brain tumors and breast cancer, so these charities are very close to their hearts.
After the success of the Windmore Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre (see ARCHIVE below), raising $8000 for charity, it is now offered as a project for a fund raising Dinner Theatre.