Dr Heather Yates 

Thanks for yesterday!  It was really great to see you and have you help me sort things out.  I will get things sorted out and get back on track and appreciate everything you did to help me towards that end.  A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders that I didn’t realize was even there…I feel lighter and better able to move forward.   - Cathy B. Scottsdale, AZ.

Heather has very healing hands. – Maria S., Phoenix AZ

Heather’s sessions are Divinely inspired.  She is the best.  I was able to let go of the past and start life anew.  – Debbie G., New York

I feel I have found an angel: Heather is an angel. – Patti F., Phoenix AZ

Best massage in 20 years of massages. – Kimberley B., Phoenix AZ

After a Bio-integration session with Heather, I felt great and excited, and I know I will hear her voice guiding me wherever I go.  She made me laugh and I want to take her home with me. – Marge C., Santa Fe NM

Heather is the only reason that I am still walking today. – Joseph M., Glendale AZ

I know that Heather was the reason I needed to come to Arizona.  She will forever be a companion in my “Boat.” – Peter C., Woodbridge CT

I realized after a massage with Heather that I have never had a good massage before, and I loved how soft and silky my skin felt after the Sugar and Spice treatment.  Thank you, Heather. – Kirsten S., Scottsdale AZ

At the end of the session, I was shivering, I thought with the cold, but then realized it was the new energy released in my body.  Heather is a miracle worker. – Helen R., Lancashire, UK

After one session, I was free of pain after enduring it for nine months.  I got m life back.  (Her husband rang later to thank me for giving them their life back.) – Michelle F., Scottsdale AZ

What a delightful, wonderful treatment!  Heather is an exceptional therapist of body and mind.  It was the perfect time.  Thank you. – Lyn, Eureka CA

Double thumbs up for Heather’s massage, and I have had many massages before. – 
Randell L., Rockville, MD 

What a wonderful massage.  Heather works wonders with her hands.  I feel great! – 
Martha B., Monee IL

Out of the world!  Truly relaxing!  Doug B., Naperville IL

I feel like a new person!!  Thank you for the words of wisdom, Heather. – Dan A., Seattle WA

Very refreshing and inspirational.  – Sheri from Washington

Wonderful!  I feel like a new person…  Thank you!  Lori P.
Heather not only helped to heal my body , but also helped to heal my soul.  Thank you. – Nancy

Heather, I can’t say thanks enough!  You gave me the strength to let go of my past and the excitement to start my NEW LIFE!  Thank you. – Kyle McC., Omaha NE

Never had such an amazing massage!  Thank you very much! – Ashley A., Canada

Thanks for a great relaxing experience and some good advice!  - Catherine N., Chicago IL
Also repeated by Nancy and Kendra on a separate occasion.

Dear Heather, 
What a perfectly wonderful time spent with you and your healing hands.  I’ve learned a great deal, thank you!  Karen A., Largo FL

Heather, Thank you so much for your work and knowledge.  What a difference in my energy.  You have given me techniques to keep my energy flowing.  My favorite, which makes me laugh, is the tree branches with leaves.  Thanks again. – Marian P., Sunnyvale CA

Dr. Heather – A wonderful “1st time” experience – thank you for the beautiful visuals – I’m hooked!! – Kathy K., Garden City, Kansas

Wonderful and helpful.  Thank you very much for your great help. – Rene, Ontario Canada

This was a very enlightening experience, relaxing and enjoyable, very informative and helpful – Thank you so much. – Nancy S. Cassopolis MI

Heather, thank you so much for this very enlightening, calming and reinvigorating session.  It all makes sense.  Thank you so much. – Angie A., Toronto Canada

Heather, You lifted my spirit and enlightened me.  My outlook leaving you is renewed!  Thank you.  Cynthia McC., Chandler AZ

Heather – What a delightful treat and relief – I feel renewed and ready for a new journey – everyone should be so fortunate to meet you. – Sharon C., Vail AZ

Heather – I feel like a different person and can’t wait to come back.  Thank you so much!  - Robin R., Phoenix AZ

Awesome!  Thank you so much! – Mary K., Aotman MO

Wonderful job!  Mommy and baby both very happy! – Ashley S., Maryland Heights MO

Thank you for the fabulous job and the great tips on how to breath properly.  It was wonderful. – Nancy S., Mahtomedi MN

Heather – God surely lead me to you!  It was an amazing experience and something I needed and looking for at this point in my life!  - Cathy B., Scottsdale AZ

Thank you, Heather, for the insight and wisdom.  You truly have a gift and I’m thankful you are so open and willing to share and be of help to others.  Blessings! – Jusleen, Atlanta GA

The most awesome massage I have ever had.  Thank you, Heather. – Dina B.

Thank you!  Thank you!  What a fantastic journey I took with Heather.  My body felt so balanced and no pain.  I’m so glad I made contact with Heather at the Orange Tree Golf Resort.  No matter where I stay in Arizona, I will be back.  We are so lucky to have your healing hands, Heather. – Jean S., Pottstown PA

Heather, what an earthly person!  You did a fantastic job both physically and spiritually.  Thank you.  – Kathy A., LaPorte IN

Heather is a wonderful and smart healer.  I’ll be back. - Susie F. Scottsdale AZ

Heather – Thank you so much, you have given me hope and “freedom.” – Linda S., TN

Heather helped me to teach my inner child and made me feel JOY – and to love and respect myself.  – Sherri F., Davis CA

Heather – Thank you for your kindness and your healing of mind and body.  God Bless You!
Laurie Y., Phoenix AZ

An awesome massage.  It was gentle, but yet took care of my problem areas.  It was such a treat.  Thank you. – Czarina A., Van Nuys, CA.

Heather has such warm, soothing hands.  A wonderful treat. – Nancy B., Sharon MA

Heather is so wonderful and made me feel so wonderful.  I will think of her in my times of stress and create my beautiful flowers again.  Thank you so much. – Debbie T., Roseville CA

What a wonderful way to spend part of my day.  Heather made me feel stress free and the massage was fabulous.  Thank you so very much. – Jenny P., Yreka CA

A great treatment – it was relaxing, therapeutic, and a great hour away from being a busy mom!
Thank you, Heather. – Josline S., Alberta Canada

I am amazed at how different I feel.  Thanks, you are the greatest! – Joan K., Phoenix AZ

Thank you, so much for session!  I feel renewed.  Gaile G., PV AZ

Dear Heather, Your healing hands helped me “feel” so much better.  Thank you for paying particular attention to my cold symptoms.  I am leaving feeling much healthier – your work is felt spiritually as well. – Joan T.,  Evanston IL

Thank you so much for the wealth of information.  I will use it all for my good health!  God Bless you and your good work. - Eileen A., Orland Park IL

Wonderful experience! - Nancy B., Virginia

A new beginning, thank you. – Kent W., Ontario Canada

Thank you so much – relaxing, enlightening and wonderful! - Pam S., SLC Utah

Thank you for a very enlightening experience.  I not only am relaxed but I will return to my life with a more positive outlook! – MaryAnn H., Lemont IL

Thanks so much for showing me my authentic self and giving me a shield to protect me from negative things that weigh me down.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. -  Pam W., AB Canada

Heather, I wish I could take you home with me to be my therapist!  You have relieved my sciatic pain in my hips, which my chiropractor and physical therapist could not do!  A big thank you!
Bev C., Newtown PA

Thank you for a soothing, relaxing, experience, a great way to complete my vacation. 
Linda R., Lake Harmony PA 

Dear Heather,
Thank you for a peaceful and joyful experience.  I am so glad that I decided to do this!  I will follow you wherever God takes you – make it a great vacation spot, Lord!  God Bless You!
Jill B., Iowa

Thank you for the wonderful massage and great conversation.  May God Bless you and yours.
Chad W., Phoenix AZ

It was an experience like no other!  Fabulous! – Shannon H., Menomonee Falls, WI

Very relaxing, feel great now!  Good Luck!  Bill H., Menomonee Falls, WI

Thank you for the guiding imagery and thought process.  Joyous visions to you and all.
Kathy L., Central Bridge NY

This was more than a massage; it was a lesson in “me.”  Thank you, and I will practice to relax.
Judy G., Palatine IL

Extraordinary both physically and emotionally.  Love and Blessing. – Jeanne W., Roswell GA

Heather is a very caring and loving person.  Thank you so much for the excellent massage and advice, it won’t go unheeded. – Shawn W., Aurora CO

Amazingly life transforming!  I came here broken and left renewed, open and vibrant.  You’re a true gift that came into my life in perfect time.  I’m forever grateful.  Many Blessings
Deanne H., Bend OR

What an amazing spirit Heather has.  I thank her for reminding me of things I know and aspire to.  I feel like a new woman with a new start. – Shawna, Vancouver BC

Amazing, truly the most wonderful treatment ever.  Bless you, Heather! – Linda C., Stockton CA

Heather has magic hands – the most wonderful experience! – Leanne, Santa Barbara CA

I am renewed and refreshed in body and spirit.  Thank you. – Elaine P., Calexico CA

Thank you for the relaxing massage and eye opening experience.  Colleen M., Corona CA

Thank you, Heather, for helping me to move beyond just serving, to live joyfully.  I thought that I would need weeks, but I really needed to focus on how I was perceiving things.
Sherri S., Chandler AZ

Thank you for making the vacation even more relaxing. - Tara, Boulder CO

Thank you for the wonderful experience – it was awesome, an experience I won’t forget. Lorraine C., Mission BC Canada

Thank you so much.  It was so relaxing, I was able to forget about all the stress and, best of all, I feel great!! – Marjorie P., Scottsdale AZ

Thanks for a great massage and wrap.  It fixed all the problems. – Jim, Calgary Canada

The Mulligan was a great experience.  It was so relaxing and invigorating.  
Nichelle P., Washington DC

Thank you for the great massage and wrap!  It was so relaxing and best 2 days of therapy I’ve had! – Rebecca A., Chandler AZ

Amazing!  I haven’t felt this relaxed in I don’t even know how long.  Wish I could take you (Heather) with me!  Thank you so much.  Amanda C., Palm Desert CA

Heather, you were absolutely wonderful!  Thank you so much for all your wonderful advise; I feel like a new person.  Thank you again and may God continue to Bless You!  
Pamela A., Las Cruces NM 

Heather, you were great.  The best massage ever.  Andy, Santa Barbara CA

Heather, you made my vacation.  I will never forget the great relaxation.  Thanks! 
Sonya J., Round Rock TX

A very, very special day!  Thank you for leading me back to my spirit.  God bless you and your work – our journey will be eternal! – Edie T., Eager AZ

Thank you for your help in addressing my “issues” in a safe, loving, healing environment.  This will be a short-term aid to my body, but long term healing to my soul.  I am thankful for your talents and care.  God Bless! – Sue, Ripon CA

Heather has wonderful fingers.  Thank you so much, I feel so much better. 
Rena E. Avondale, AZ


Dr Andy Yates 

“I would never pass up the chance of another massage here.  It was the best and most relaxing one I have ever had.  At 70+ I feel like I am thirty again.  Thanks again, and God bless you always and in all ways.  Darlene, N. Dakota.”

“Thank you for the most amazing experience, I feel wonderful.  I hope to get to return at some later date to this awesome place.  You will be first on my list.  Vicki, Washington State.”

“Thank you for an experience I will never forget.  I feel my mind, body and spirit connect like it never has before – because of your healing hands!  Thank you and God bless.  Penny, N. Dakota.”

“I met Dr. Yates many years ago at the American Board of Hypnotherapy convention in California and interacted with him through the years. At one of those conventions I requested Dr. Yates do a session with me for regression, which I was new to at the time. This was indeed one of the most profoundly unique and memorable experiences I've had in this field, and opened up many avenues of thought and discovery that I am still benefiting from today.”
Patricia , Owner , Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis Inc. & UP Hypnosis Institute 
worked with Dr Andy at Trefoil Therapies 

“When you experience a session with Dr. Andy, you will be in good hands. I experienced his work at a conference where he demonstrated anesthetic hypnotherapy with me. I was amazed. I have also been privy to some his scripts. He is highly trained, a successful hypnotherapist, and provides a safe, comfortable experience for his clients.”
Candess, Owner , Vesta Enterprises, Inc. 
worked with Dr Andy at Trefoil Therapies 

“Dr. Yates and I have worked together at the same company in the past, and have also had a relationship as friends. He has also functioned as a teacher and mentor for me for the past ten years or more. Dr. Andy is a man of great abilities and insight. He has the ability to empower others to do their very best at what ever task they are applying themselves to, without stress. I have watched him in meetings defuse a tense situation and have the participants working happily together at the end of it. Dr. Yates is a master of many disciplines, and this has given him the ability to look past the obvious and gain a view of most situations that may totally change the outcome. He goes about this by asking questions, then really listening to the answers. Rather than him providing an explanation, he helps lead the person to discover this new perspective for themselves. If the situation truly calls for it, he has no problem taking control of a situation, and is capable of making hard decisions. However, it is his ability to draw the best from those around him that makes him so successful, and so respected by those who know him. Because Dr. Yates has become so adept at such a large number of modalities, this allows him to apply several different approaches to the solving of a problem, simultaneously. He believes all things can be changed if the desire is real, and the proper tools are used. His genuine compassion and concern for everyone he meets, as well as an easy good humor, is an inspiration to anyone who is lucky enough to know him, or be treated by him. In my mind, it would be a difficult task indeed to find his equal.  
Dave, Coventry Health Care

“We are so very proud to have Dr. Andy Yates as a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.. Our mission is to help individuals discover their gifts and support them as they go into the world in a loving and profitable way. It's graduates like Dr. Yates who confirm we are doing our job well ~ Dr. Yates has taken what he added to his education in 2008 through our massage therapy program and built a successful practice. Everything we know about him since his graduation says he is living our motto. Dr. Yates is an Instrument of integrity, not an ego, in the peace and healing of others. We send you blessings and best wishes for your continued success Andy! 
KC Miller Founder/Director Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Faculty Member,
American Pacific University 

“I worked with Andy for several years when he was a faculty member at American Pacific University. He was a real pleasure to work with, personable, competent, enthusiastic, and effective in all his work. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending him to any prospective employer, he is that kind of individual we all look for: a really good guy who knows exactly what he is talking about, and gets on with it.”  
Alex (Cent_tel) , Dean of Academic Studies (retired) , American Pacific University - managed Dr Andy indirectly at American Pacific University 

Lecturer, Presenter, BioIntegration Therapist
Just Ask 365

“Dr. Andy comes highly recommended for his professionalism presentation given on Stress Reduction in the Work Place at two Seminars presented by Just Ask 365! Health and Wellness Services. It was a pleasure having you on board. "
Elaine Murray, President/CEO   Just Ask 365! 

Southwest Job Network

“Dr. Yates extraordinary energy, ability to connect with people, and passion for coaching, makes him a natural and powerful communicator committed to making a difference in people’s lives.” 
Mario L. Saenz, Program Manager